Benefits of Being Fit

The Benefits of Being Fit

FemaleThere are many benefits to being fit and healthy, which ultimately lead to a much better quality of life and well-being. Training and exercise should be part of your routine and should not be regarded as a chore or something to avoid. There are many reasons why you should put that TV remote down and get up from the sofa, here are just a few.


Although it may seem hard to believe for novice exercisers, the main reason for participation in sport and exercise programmes is enjoyment. Although there may be little initial enjoyment for a person exercising, for a previously inactive or sedentary body, physical activity should become increasingly enjoyable and rewarding as the level of fitness improves. Exercise also releases chemicals in the body which make us feel good and the feeling of accomplishment after a hard training session is a sense of elation. It is also great to see your results improving over time, whether it be the amount of weight you are losing or seeing your times for distance running slowly coming down. This will then spur you on to continue.


People today are becoming much more aware of the benefits of health related exercise as means of protection against illness, e.g. heart disease, hypertension and stress-related diseases. They may decide themselves to embark on an active exercise programme as part of their quest for a healthier lifestyle or they are strongly recommended to do so by their doctor or specialist, following medical examination or illness. People who exercise regularly also experience less stress, are more relaxed and sleep better so this in itself is one of the biggest benefits to regular exercise.

Appearance and Weight Control

A large proportion of those joining health clubs or attending exercise sessions are aiming to improve their appearance by improving their body composition, general muscle tone and posture. By exercising regularly, you can improve your appearance by maintaining a healthy weight and more toned physique, which then leads to greater self-confidence.


By joining a gym or fitness class, you will meet like-minded people who enjoy the social side of health and fitness as most clubs now have areas for relaxation such as bars and restaurants, which you can use to socialise. People who exercise together also tend to motivate each other without realising it. You may not feel like exercising on some days but with the help and support of your new group of friends, you are more likely to make the effort and go. Groups of people who exercise together usually try to compete against each other, which is a good form of motivation.


After an illness or injury, exercise can speed up the repairing process and aid a quicker recovery.

General Well-being

Being fit will have a positive impact of all aspects of your day-to-day life. Not only will you feel better in yourself, sleep better, be less stressed and be healthier, you will also find the grind of daily life less of an effort. Simple tasks such as walking up the stairs or carrying the shopping bags from the boot of your car will become easier as your muscles become stronger and you fitness improves. Parents with young children can enjoy a game of football in the park without feeling sick, tying your shoelaces does not lead to a bad back or running 100 metres for a bus does not feel like a marathon.

There are many other reasons why exercise is a good thing but the ones given, may lead you on to start exercising if you do not already. Being fit and healthy can lead to a person doing things they never thought possible and life is too short not to get the most from it.