Training and Exercises

Training and Exercises

There are thousands of ways to improve your strength and fitness levels, but the most important thing is that you enjoy the sport or physical activity you undertake.

This area of the fitness section is here to give you specific information about different disciplines of exercise and includes hints and advice on how to add a bit of interest to your routines.

It may be that with just a small change in the way you do your exercises, you can greatly increase the benefits, so the information given is aimed at improving on what you already do or may prove useful if you are wanting to try something new.

Below are just some of the training we have written about.

Further Information

Community ForumFor further informaton on any of the topics discussed above, please see our forums.

Our discussion forum contain more information from people with similar issues and training needs, allowing you to all learn from each other and share your experiences.

Please also note that before you undertake any physical training, you ensure that you are in a fit state to do so, even if this means consulting your doctor. Some of the training needed to become firefighter fit is intensive and can be quite demanding.


Please check with your Doctor that you are able to carry out the exercises detailed within this web site. UK Fire Service Resources cannot be held responsible for any injuries caused.