On This Day In History

On This Day In History

On this day in history is our very own database of historical events which happened on this day in years gone by. These events will change on a daily basis to correspond with today’s date.

Some days may represent several events,, which will show up at random. To see if there are several events for today, simply refresh the page and a different story will be displayed.

If you do not see a particular event, and you feel it should be added to the database, please contact us and we will be happy to add the event to the list.


On this day in 1920:

Article from the Suffolk & Essex Free Press dated October 27th 1920.

A fire took place at the Lodge Farm, Glemsford, in the old Farm House which is used for storage by Flax Productions Ltd.

The factory fire engine was quickly on the scene but owing to the difference in the connections with their hoses and those of the Urban Coucil there a was small delay, this was quickly remedied but the farmhouse was practically burnt down.

A large quantity valuable flax tow was stored in the house in bales and bags.