Contact Us - No Longer Available


Unfortunately due to to the large amount of emails we have recieved, many asking questions which are clearly answered by browsing the site, we have had to remove the ability for people to contact us. We simply do not have the resources to reply to them all or point people to the correct page, especialy when every page is clearly listed and searchable throughout the site.

Fire Safety Information

If you require fire safety advice, whether in the home or business, please see our fire safety section where you can view the many pages we have created as well as download fire safety leaflets. Information on safety checks in your home can be found here. Any fire safety concerns you have in regards to any premise should be directed to the Fire Safety Officer in the relevant Fire and Rescue Service, a list of which can be found here.

Recruitment Information

If you require any information regarding recruitment, please see our comprehensive recruitment section including the frequently asked questions which will answer most of them for you. Further information and guidance on the whole recruitment process can be found within our forum.

Discussion Forums

Our discussion forums are a great place to get the answers to many of your questions. You can join for the 4500+ members we already have and discuss many issues such as recruitment, fire safety, operational tactics and fire service vehicles. Joining the forum is free and is one of the largest to host a fire and rescue community in the UK.