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UK Fire Service Resources is an unofficial web site, set up and ran by serving members of the UK Fire and Rescue Service. We have no affiliation to any Fire and Rescue Service other than the fact we all work for one.

Keeping the site up and running with no advertisements or popups has a financial impact, which we initially covered ourselves. However the costs involved with hosting the site and server maintenance have grown substantially over the years. These costs have now elevated to a level where donations go a long way to keeping the site going.

Should I donate?

Visitors are not required to donate, the site is free to use and browse by anyone*. However if you feel like the site has helped you in some way, either by providing the information you required, putting you in touch with people in similar situations or you simply just want to help keep the site running, a donation would be more than welcome, no matter how small. Please remember you are in no way obliged to donate, but doing so will help keep the site running, banner and popup free.

How do I donate?

You can donate to the site via PayPal by simply clicking on the button below. This will take you to a secure page allowing you to make a donation.


What does a donation do for you?

A donation gives you the knowledge that you’re doing something to help keep the site the great resource it is. It will also ensure your visits remain popup, banner and advert free, something we feel quite strongly about. Even if you only donate a £1.00 from your PayPal account, it all helps.

About your donation

Please understand that you are voluntarily making a donation to support the site. There are no current benefits or areas where donating visitors have special access to within the main site. You are in no way purchasing any part of the site or domains associated with the site but we can assure you that any funds donated are used exclusively for the site and its growth, and should there ever be any excess funds available, then we will donate these to the Fire Service National Benevolent Fund. Your donation is completely voluntary and non refundable.

We have over the past 10 years paid over £1000 to good causes, used by the excess left over each year.

Thank You

To those who have donated over the past few years, we would just like to say thank you for doing so, it is much appreciated.


*Certain sections of the Forum are Subscription only.