Firefighters Remembered

The Project

Firefighters RememberedYou will no doubt have landed on this page by either following a link or searching for firefighters who have sadly lost their lives, doing the job they love.

The project of Firefighters Remembered was started a good few years ago, and was a project I wanted to fulfil marking the passing of those who had lost their lives in the course of their duties.

It soon became apparent that this was going to be a mammoth task to complete as we didn’t actually realise just how many firefighters had actually lost their lives since 1945. It was also proving very difficult to obtain the correct information and we were very much reliant upon old newspaper cuttings and articles from magazines.

I must also pay tribute to Bob Wilkinson who was, and is, very passionate about the project and has been very instrumental in gathering information so far, and has 100s of records already researched. Bob gave a lot of his time and put in a lot of effort to achieve this. However, due to my own work and family commitments, I was and am unable to commit the time that is needed to complete this project.

The Future

I do, still feel that this would be a worthy project, and become a very popular site for both families and those simply researching what has happened to firefighters who have gone before us.

However, I have had to take the decision to put the project on hold until such time I can commit the time and expense to completing it. I also suspect Bob may utilise the time he has spent already and produce something truly deserving of his efforts.

Carl Haslam – Site Owner – UK Fire Service Resources