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Buying fire safety products

SafelincsBuying fire safety equipment through traditional fire safety companies can be expensive and usually ties you in with one provider. Their fire safety engineers are usually motivated by bonus payments which depend from the number of (unnecessary) new extinguishers or replacement components they can sell to you. Some extinguisher servicing companies routinely exchange 20% of the entire extinguisher stock at a customer every year, although there is absolutely no reason for these perfectly good extinguishers to be exchanged!

There are also a large number of online fire safety providers available that sell a reasonable range of standard fire safety products. However, many fire safety products have a limited lifespan and you can never be sure how old the products are you are buying online. Neither does the majority of the fire safety retailers offer the obligatory on-site commissioning of eg fire extinguishers, without which your insurance might well be invalid. Worse still, some online fire safety companies offer a pre-commissioning option, where the extinguishers are labelled up in their warehouse and are not checked on site by an engineer. This can be dangerous, as some invisible damage can happen during transit that will stop the extinguisher from working (eg bent safety pins). Again, this type of purchase could invalidate your insurance cover.

Standard fire safety products are also not always suitable and you will require good advice when purchasing fire safety goods for your particular situation.

So where can you buy fire safety products and services at reduced prices and still ensure that you are adhering to the law and that you are fully covered?

We have known one fire safety company, Safelincs, for many years now and have heard from numerous sources about their conduct and have only ever heard positive feedback about them, especially from the fire services. Safelincs conducts its business professionally and ethically. The company is the central fire safety supplier of the Church of England, the Catholic Church of the UK and the Church of Wales. Safelincs is also heavily involved with facility management companies nationwide which rely on a competitive, reliable and professional partner. Safelincs is not always the cheapest supplier for fire safety products, but their customer service and support is second to none and they offer free warranty extensions for all their essential fire safety products and free replacement of all their products after a fire. They also monitor their products’ age and offer a number of free tools, such as free servicing reminders, free fire safety logbooks, free fire risk assessment forms and always friendly and professional advice. They also have a huge range of professionally written fire safety advice pages, for example a large section about fire exits.

We have heard of examples where our readers saved over 50% of their current fire safety provision costs when switching to Safelincs.

Just one of the many features that differentiate Safelincs’ attention to detail is the packaging used for their UltraFire extinguishers. The packaging contains a formed foam component which completely encloses the head of the extinguisher, protecting all the sensitive parts of an extinguisher against bumps and knocks.

Safelincs also offers to install and commission their extinguishers nationwide through their BAFE certified engineers.

Other services offered are:

  • Fire alarm system maintenance
  • Emergency lighting testing
  • Fire risk assessments
  • Fire safety training

All of these services are offered nationwide, of course.

Safelincs also offer the following fire safety products for online purchase:

and much more. In total, we are informed, there are well over 3500 products.


Downloadable fire safety leaflets in various languages can be downloaded here.

UK Fire Service Resources recommends Safelincs Safety Products for all your smoke alarms and fire safety needs.