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In this section, we list the most frequently asked questions in relation to fire safety. In order that we ensure the correct advice and answers are given, all our questions are answered by the experts at Safelincs who are the leading supplier of fire safety products within the UK and Europe.

Question 1

I rent a house in multiple occupation and need to change the hall ceiling light for one that is a combined and decorative inexpensive emergency light/ordinary light providing light for daily use and also a 3 hour emergency light in case of energy failure. Is something like this available?

Answer 1

If you want to use the emergency light as an normal ceiling light as well, the key is to search for a ‘switchable emergency lighting function’. This allows the emergency light to be used as an ordinary light with a light switch on top of its other function as emergency light. A nice looking unit can be seen here.

Question 2

I need to replace a Ei151 mains powered smoke alarm. I was told I would have to get an electrician to change the alarm. Surely it cannot be difficult to change these alarms yourself when the power connection is already in place?

Answer 2

Changing a mains powered alarm is not that easy. When replacing the base plate you will have to disconnect the mains wiring from the alarm which can be fiddly. You also need a flat tool to actually get to the base plate. Anyway, as soon as you touch the mains wiring you will have to get the electrician out (especially as a landlord). But there is good news as well. All the Ei smoke alarms can be replaced as a DIY job by yourself if you get special smoke alarm replacement units called ‘easichange’. They cost the same as the standard Ei smoke alarms and have a special replacement tool with them as well.

Question 3

We had petrol poured through the letter plate of our club’s entrance door. Luckily the arsonists got disturbed and scarpered. However, next time we might not be so lucky. How can we stop this happening, other than screwing our letterbox shut?

Answer 3

You need an Anti-Arson Letterbox. There is quite a range available. They all have in common that you fit them on the inside over the normal letter plate opening. These anti-arson letterboxes have a bag or a container which catches any flammable liquid pured into the bag and usually a little automatic fire extinguisher that goes off when there is a flame. A good range of mailbags can be seen here.

Question 4

I have to replace a flat entrance door with a FD30 fire door. I have absolutely no idea where to start. Help! Please?

Answer 4

FD30 means the fire door has to withstand fire for over 30 minutes. When picking a fire door keep your eyes out for a BWF certified door. These doors will have been tested properly and will be marked correctly. Safelincs for example offers a simple online fire door configurator that takes you step by step through the process. You can choose any sizes, lots of finishes, different glazing options and can even configure all the accessories. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete your confirguration here.


Downloadable fire safety leaflets in various languages can be downloaded here.

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