Safelincs Safety Products

Safelincs Fire Safety Products (Recommended Site)

Safelincs is a reputable company based in the UK that sell a whole range of fire safety products for your home and business.

How can they help?

Safelincs can provide our visitors with the latest in fire safety products including the following items:

  • Fire Extinguishers (All Types)
  • Fire Extinguisher Servicing
  • Fire Chests and Fire Safes
  • Smoke Alarms and Heat Alarms
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Fire Door Retainers such as the Dorgard
  • Entire Fire Doors
  • Gas Detectors
  • Fire Escape Hoods
  • Fire Safety Software
  • Anti Arson Letter Boxes
  • Emergency First Aid Kits
  • Passive Fire Protection
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Escape Equipment such as Fire Escape Ladders


We have teamed up with Safelincs, so that we can direct you, not only to the products you require, but to a company that can cater for all your fire safety needs in terms of customer service, support and delivery. If you order from them delivery charges start from only £4.68 (incl. VAT) per order. Safelincs also promise that if you find the same offer on the net for a cheaper price, they will refund the difference.


All our fire safety pages will now contain a box in the right hand column which will contain the link to Safelincs with the most relevant product. For example, our Fire Extinguishers page will contain the recommended link in the box which will take you direct to the extinguishers page, allowing you to purchase extinguishers of your choice. As more Fire Safety Pages are added, so will the links to the relevant products.

We feel that by offering you the above recommended links directly, we can remove the hassle of shopping about for the products you need, by putting you in contact with a company that can provide you with the very best.

Extinguisher Update

Safelincs has finally introduced their own fire extinguisher range with a ground-breaking 10 Year Warranty on all components! The extinguishers are manufactured in the UK and have been designed with longevity and ulterior quality in mind. The extinguishers are manufactured in semi-shell design, which reduces the required weld length and increases crush-test resistance. The armatures were designed for strength and can be serviced with all standard tools! The strong head design ensures that the extinguishers will not get damaged in transit. And all at a price level that can compete with all other major brands

UK Fire Service Resources recommends Safelincs Safety Products for all your smoke alarms and fire safety needs.