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UK Fire Service Resources aims to provide Fire and Rescue Service related information and an online community
where members of the UK Fire and Rescue Service and members of the public can find all the information they require.

Fire Safety in the Home

Are you are home owner or tenant looking for some Fire Safety advice?
If so, we can help provide that advice.
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Career Development

Looking to get promoted or simply develop within your current role.
We have all the advice you need.
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Firefighter Fit

How fit are you? Are you fit enough to join the UK Fire and Rescue Service?
We show you how to get fit.
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Safelincs UK Ltd

UK Fire Service Resources only recommend Safelincs for all your Fire Safety products and service.
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 Community Discussion Forums

Our Community Discussion Forums have become a vast database of information over the past 10 years, contributed to by over 3500 members.
There are sections and topics covering all aspects of recruitment, firefighter fitness and fire safety, just to name a few.
Everyone is welcome to join and contribute to the forums, where other members of the forum will be more than wiling to assist you.

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