Assessment Feedback

The ADC is an Assessment and Development Centre. The ADC generates a great deal of information about how an individual behaves and reacts in a range of situations. Feedback helps use this information to facilitate change, by giving participants the opportunity to reflect on their performance, consider how best to use their skills and improve their effectiveness.

Exploring your PQA performance

The main focus of the session will be providing feedback on the individual’s performance at the ADC, specifically in which PQA’s and exercises their strengths and development areas lie.

Priority for feedback

Organisations should prioritise the provision of feedback but it can be difficult at times to manage the resources and logistics of the process. If you don’t hear about a feedback date within a few weeks of the ADC it may be worth chasing it up with the relevant department. It is strongly advised that you obtain feedback; candidates put a lot of effort into the ADC, and it is only fair that you gain information from it that will help you identify where you need to improve, and in which areas you are effective.

Using the session effectively

It is important for the individual to try to get as much as possible from the process. This can be difficult, especially if you did not perform as well as you had hoped or are disappointed with results. The best use of the time however is to find out what you did well, what you could do better, and how you can improve.

Personnel involved

The feedback should be given by an assessor from the ADC or the Centre Manager. It is recommended that an hour is spent with you and the assessor discussing your performance. Then ideally your line manager should attend to discuss ways forward. This is your opportunity to see where you can go from here, so be clear what you would like to happen next. This may not always be specific courses, but activities such as shadowing, mentoring, coaching etc.

Written feedback

You will receive a written feedback report at you feedback session. Both you and your manager will usually get a copy of this.


Aspects of the feedback session can remain confidential if you wish. Highlight the areas of the discussion that you would like to be kept confidential.

The feedback session is a 2 way process, so do ask questions and join in the discussion about your performance.

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