The role of a modern day firefighter is physically demanding and requires all round physical fitness and strength.

To be able to handle and use heavy hydraulic cutting equipment at the scene of a road crash, pitch and extend heavy ladders, or handle high pressure hose lines whilst firefighting, requires great muscular strength and endurance in the upper body and in particular, a strong grip.

Applicants to most UK fire and rescue services will undergo a specific exercise which primarily tests a persons grip, so don’t under estimate the importance of having strong fingers, hands and forearms. You may have strong shoulders and upper arms, but if your grip is weak, you will fail the strength tests.

This is thee training aid to build a vice like grip and build huge amounts of power into your arms.

NSD Powerball is a completely non impact device which, despite being just the size of a tennis ball and weighing only a little more, has the ability to exert phenomenal pressure on the fingers, wrists, arms and shoulders of the user if activated correctly.

There is no motor inside – instead, you have a perfectly balanced rotor (flywheel) which generates inertia as it is spun.

The speed of the rotor can range from around 2000rpm at which point NSD Powerball is generating about 1lb of resistance on the arm / wrist up to, in excess of 15,000rpm at which speed your arm and wrist are being subjected to almost 40lbs of resistance. You will be receiving a workout like no other you will have ever experienced. No matter how fit your arms and wrists are currently from working dumbbells and free weights down at the gym, using NSD Powerball for the first time will genuinely burn.

This exciting product takes your wrist through the full range of motions while simultaneously adding resistance – something that no standard free weight or regular form of exercise even comes close to and in this manner, you find yourself using and exercising muscles that you probably weren’t even aware you had.

In addition, because it is capable of emitting resistance from between 1 – 40lbs, its literally like being able to carry 50 different dumbbells around in your pocket. Your very own gym on the move, anywhere.

Of course, like any form of intensive exercise, the burn and discomfort eventually diminish and you are left with a substantially more powerful limb – (most specifically in the area of the wrist, forearm & grip strength) but globally including the shoulder and upper arm areas in addition to the above.

NSD Powerball has hit the fitness market with a fury and we guarantee that it’s here to give you a full arm workout quite unlike any other you’ll ever have experienced regardless of current fitness levels.

The Secret

Its secret lies in the way it isometrically tests the muscle groups in the arms and shoulders, you can have the ability to curl the heaviest of dumbbell’s down in the gym but take NSD Powerball up to 13,000rpm for just 30-40 seconds and we absolutely guarantee a muscle burn of monumental proportions.

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