Psychological Tests

The Psychological Tests consists of three different tests which assess an applicant’s ability to process information, problem solve and work with numbers. There is also a questionnaire to assess their personal qualities and attributes. The tests are likely to be carried out locally and will take approximately three hours.

The tests are split in to the following two categories:

1. National Firefighter Psychological Tests

This consists of three timed tests, they include:

Working with Numbers

Used to assess an applicant’s ability to understand and work with numerical information of the type that a firefighter is likely to experience. There are 32 questions covering six different scenarios which require the applicant to perform combinations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as estimations of numerical data.

Understanding Information

Used to assess an applicant’s ability to read and understand written information of the type that a firefighter is likely to experience. The test involves the applicant reading and understanding a variety of written information including fire safety details, memos, newsletters and extracts from a training course manual.

Applicants will need to extract the relevant information from these to answer 25 questions covering six different scenarios.

Situational Awareness and Problem Solving

Used to assess an applicant’s ability to ensure the safety of themselves and others and their ability to use information to solve problems. The test requires applicant’s to read descriptions of situations or scenarios that they are likely to face when working as a firefighter.

There are 30 questions that each require the applicant to choose one of four available answers that most closely describe what they would do in that situation. No specific knowledge or training as a firefighter is required to be able to answer the questions but applicant’s will need to consider the safety of themselves and others and use the information provided to decide how best to respond. General common sense would be of great value for this section.

2. National Firefighter Questionnaire

The NFQ is used to assess an applicant’s attitude and motivation in relation to seven scales, each based on one of the fire service Personal Qualities and Attributes (PQAs):

  • Working with Others – works effectively with others both within the Fire Service and the community
  • Commitment to Diversity and Integrity – understand and respects diversity and adopts a fair and ethical approach to others
  • Confidence and Resilience – maintains a confident and resilient attitude in highly challenging situations
  • Commitment to Excellence – adopts a conscientious and proactive approach to work to achieve and maintain excellent standards
  • Commitment to Development – committed to and able to develop self and others
  • Situational Awareness – maintains an active awareness of the environment to promote safe and effective working
  • Openness to Change – is open to change and actively seeks to support it within the Fire Service and in the community.

The assessment consists of 127 questions, each designed to explore a certain aspect of one of the seven scales, however applicants will not require direct experience or knowledge of the fire and rescue service to be able to answer the questions.

More information on the PQA’s can be found in the left hand menu. There is also help available within our store through a range of books and DVD’s

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