Water Mist Extinguishers with De-Ionised Water

Ultrafire Water Mist Extinguisher

Portable water mist extinguishers with de-ionised water are broad spectrum fire extinguishers. They are capable of extinguishing class A (solids), class B (flammable liquids) and class C (flammable gasses) fires. Please note that the current certification standards do not allow yet the the formal certification of water-based extinguishers on B and C fires. Hence the limited number of classes stated on the front of all water mist extinguishers. Water mist extinguishers are nevertheless suited for B and C fires.

Water mist extinguishers with de-ionised water are ideal for offices, public buildings, such as schools, but are also excellent general household fire extinguishers. They have been di-electrically tested with 35,000 Volt for user safety and are therefore safe for use on live electrical equipment of up to 1000 Volt (1m safety distance).

As only one extinguisher type is required for almost all locations, water mist extinguishers do reduce the risk of confusion and can replace typical fire points consisting of a CO2 and a traditional water-based extinguisher with just one single fire extinguisher. This offers customers significant savings.

The discharge from water mist extinguishers with de-ionised water is completely non-conductive, leaves no residue and can be used in food preparation areas and clean rooms. The water mist discharge can even be safely pointed at people if their clothes are on fire. Refills are relatively cheap and disposal at the end of the extinguisher life is no problem. The water mist is also suitable for churches and historic buildings as the water mist does not saturate the objects in the building as a traditional water extinguisher would and has no harmful substances that could chemically damage wood or soft furnishing. In contrast to powder extinguishers, water mist extinguishers also eliminate the risk of powder inhalation in small spaces such as boats or small kitchens. De-ionised water also restricts bacteria growth. Tests show absence of legionella bacteria over the lifespan of a fill.

When researching products we would recommend that you ensure that the mist extinguisher in consideration is charged with de-ionised water and not just ordinary water. This is important to ensure that the media is non-conductive and bacteria-free. UltraFire and Britannia offer de-ionised water mist extinguishers.

Watch this video to see water mist extinguishers in action in comparison to other extinguisher types.

How does it work?

The extinguisher’s nozzle disperses finest water mist particles to suppress fire and extinguish burning materials. The mist particles are actively drawn closer by the fire and cool the fire effectively by rapid evaporation on or near the surface. This in turn reduces the oxygen content near the fire and removes radicals generated by the fire. The lack of oxygen and radicals and the drop in temperature extinguish the fire reliably.

What about electrical risks?

UltraFire or Britannia P50 de-ionised water mist extinguishers are 35kV di-electrically tested to ensure that they can be used safely on live electrical equipment up to 1000 Volt (household/office voltage is 230 Volt, only!).


  • As the extinguisher can be used on most types of fires, extinguisher training in offices and organisations can be reduced
  • Less fire extinguishers and blankets are required
  • Less mess to clean up after a fire
  • Safer to use in small spaces (no risk of inhalation)
  • The Green choice. No chemicals involved
  • No disposal costs for chemicals
  • No costly refilling chemicals
  • If the extinguisher is used by vandals, there is no risk to life and health.

Fire extinguisher technology is constantly evolving, helping to make life easier and fire protection less costly and more environmentally friendly. Water mist fire extinguishers are taking us a great step forward. A single extinguisher type is now able to cover the vast majority of fire risks in offices and households.

Harry Dewick-Eisele, Safelincs UK Ltd

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