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How to Become Firefighter Fit is rated as one of the best fitness books on the market, aimed not just at firefighters, but anyone who wants to train in a way that brings results people want.

Many visitors to the site, are looking for the best way to get themselves in shape, and fit enough to undertake the physical tests needed to progress through the recruitment campaign. Many simply do not have time, due to family and work life, to spend hours in the gym. However with a bit of time and dedication, it can be done.

Written by an experienced firefighter, Firefighter Fit has sold in over 10 countries and contains over 40 exercises, some of which will have you collapsing in a puddle of sweat in under 3 minutes!

Firefighter Fit will not only save time, but also money, as no equipment is needed and you need never set foot in a gym again.

On a daily basis, firefighters are put under stressful and strenuous situations such as:

  • Carrying heavy equipment up multi storey blocks
  • Lifting or dragging heavy unconscious people from buildings
  • Being able to work in confined spaces where flexibility is paramount
  • Hauling heavy gear up the outside of tall buildings using rope lines
  • Running out lines of hose
  • Lifting and pitching heavy ladders
  • Having the cardio endurance to conserve air whilst carrying out a detailed search of smoke filled building wearing breathing apparatus
  • Breaking through hefty doors with heavy breaking in gear
  • Plus much, much more.

For these reasons some of the exercises in the book are very testing, but deliver results that surprise even experienced trainers.

How does it work

Firefighters call upon muscular strength, endurance and flexibility in their work and need to be at the peak of condition, Firefighter Fit details exercises that improve all three. If your fit enough to run up 20 flights of stairs but aren’t strong enough to carry heavy equipment you are not fit!

The exercises are all bodyweight which means you do not need any equipment, fancy gadgets or the need to go to a gym. The exercises can be done anywhere, anytime and all that is required is a bit of space and for some exercises, a wall.

Bodyweight exercises, or calisthenics, build functional fitness that cannot be gained from weight lifting or gym machines as they involve balance and co-ordination, an essential part of firefighting. A quick look at a gymnast will tell you that bodyweight exercises can build unbelievable strength and flexibility as gymnast’s train solely with just calisthenics movements.

The book can be purchased direct through our online store in either hard copy or digital download.

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Firefighter Fit - The Book

Firefighter Fit - The Book can be purchased here in hard or digital copy.
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