Below are several items that all relate to brushing up on basic maths. Many FRS’s are now asking for either a maths qualification or using some sort of maths test as part of the selection process. Therefore we have provided you with a list of maths products at the level required.

GCSE Maths is Easy

GCSE Maths is Easy is a mathematical testing book like no other! It provides all the vital information you will need to know regarding basic mathematics in a fun and interesting way! The sole purpose of this book is simple – to make maths easy! In order to successfully pass any basic mathematical test, it is important to get to grips with the basic arithmetic and formulas required.

Firefighter Fit - The Book

GCSE Maths – Practice Papers

Great Value – a book that is worth every penny! This book provides two sets of practice papers for you to work through. Similar to that of the real GCSEs! – This guide has been carefully laid out to provide you with papers that will look similar to that of their real exam! Instructions to Use the Papers – this book talks you through using the practice papers and how to work through the guide to ensure you make the most out of your practice papers.

Firefighter Fit - The Book

Numerical Reasoning Tests

It appears that nowadays, just about every selection process or assessment centre consists of a numerical reasoning test. It is important that you score very high during your test which is why we have created a 168 page workbook that is full of numerical reasoning test questions and explanations.

Firefighter Fit - The Book