About UK Fire Service Resources?

UK Fire Service Resources was initially created around 1999 when I decided to build my own computer, and bought my first digital camera to go with it. Having nowhere to showcase my photos, I decided that I needed a platform to fulfil this task. The result was that I decided to build my own website. Having no idea on what to create a website about, the natural thing to do, was to base it on my work as a firefighter. Initially I concentrated on the fire station that I was based at. Having taken photos of our training during the day, the watch were happy for them to be displayed online so they too could share with friends etc. I created as few fire safety pages which seemed a great way to get the messages out there, whilst promoting the good work we do, which usually goes unnoticed, even to this day.

Over time, the site grew in visitors and the site expanded and became more about my FRS rather than just the station. As interest gathered, it became apparent that the site was proving popular, and with only a handful of similar sites in existence, the site simply grew and so did my abilities in creating it.

Several years into the site, I decided it was time to include a forum so that people within the service and those wishing to join had a place to discuss all things fire and rescue. Our forum has had several platforms over the years and has just seen the addition of a new forum added in 2017, we simply outgrew our old one, and so had to start a fresh one, moving with the times.

In 2017, the site is still updated and maintained by myself, however, many sections of the site are written and controlled by people who specialise in fields such as fire safety, development and fitness to name a few.

Who are we?

  • Carl Haslam – I’m a Station Manager in Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and have over 25 years service. I am responsible for the running of the site and creating the content for the site, as well as ensuring the finances are all kept in order. The site became a Ltd Company in 2017.
  • Steve Dudeney – Steve is a retired Borough Commander from London Fire Brigade and completed over 30 years service. Steve has been a long standing member of the site and forum and his knowledge of the fire and rescue service has paid dividends over the years, in ensuring accurate information is utilised correctly on the site and that the forums are moderated as they should be.
  • Keith Miller – Keith is a Watch Officer in Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue. Keith has been instrumental in the growth of the site and especially the forum since its inception. Keith’s knowledge is also vast and especially useful when it comes to discussing how Northern Ireland compares to the rest of the UK.
  • James Holder – James is a Station Manager in Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue. James is also the author of Firefighter Fit and has been instrumental in ensuring that our fitness pages remain current. James also assists members on the forum with all aspects of their fitness, regardless of whether they are currently employed by an FRS or currently trying to join a particular FRS.
  • Mark Nevill – Mark is an operational Watch Manger in Essex Fire and Rescue and has also been a long standing member of the site and forum. Mark’s knowledge of the retained duty system has helped many members who work or wish to work under the system.

The future

We now average around 250,000 hits a month and hope you enjoy visiting the site and hope you continue to return, as and when you need any information. We welcome all members of the community, regardless of whether you are in the fire and rescue service or not.

Please note that the site has no affiliation with any fire and rescue service and receives no financial support from any fire and rescue service, we simply fund the site through donations and subscriptions of our visitors and members.

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