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One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, how do I become a firefighter and what is the recruitment process to become a firefighter in the UK fire and rescue service? The answer is quite a lengthy one, however, you are in the right place to learn about every aspect of the recruitment process, from the firefighter application to starting. We cover it all in our recruitment sections.

As a firefighter, you will be called upon to tackle various emergency situations where your problem solving skills and initiative will be vital to resolve issues quickly and calmly. Incidents vary from tackling fires and rescuing people from burning buildings to dealing with chemical spillages and Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs).

A sensitive approach will be required when dealing with members of the public, who may be distressed and confused. Today’s firefighter also works closely with the community to increase their level of awareness and to help prevent incidents from occurring in the first place.

Being able to communicate effectively to schools, community groups, voluntary organisations and others is important, as is treating people with dignity and respect regardless of their background or culture.

The Attributes Required

There are certain personal attributes you will need to fulfil within your role as a firefighter. These include confidence, resilience, adaptability, ability to communicate effectivley, integrity and have a commitment to diversity.

The role of the firefighter is continually changing as new techniques and equipment are introduced. As well as responding to emergencies, you will also be expected to work closely with the community.

Additional roles of a firefighter are:

  • To prevent fire and accidents from occurring in the first place
  • Educating the community by visiting schools, community centres and people in their own homes
  • Advising people about planning escape routes within their own homes in case of a fire
  • Actively seeking to understand and to value diverse individuals and groups.

Training and Development

As a firefighter you will be expected to undertake a continuous training programme by attending lectures, exercises, practical training sessions and other forms of training to maintain competence levels.

You will be expected to take responsibility for developing your own skills and ensuring that your fitness levels are maintained as the work can be demanding, both physically and mentally.

How Do I Join The Fire and Rescue Service

Becoming a firefighter in the fire and rescue service does not come easily. In fact many serving firefighters have spent months and years applying and preparing themselves prior to application. You too must be prepared to work hard and also be patient if you are to pursue a career within the fire and rescue service.

The process of joining the fire and rescue service varies throughout the UK but the principles you need to follow are the same.

First of all, we suggest you read each and every one of the pages within our recruitment section by using the menu on the left. We are amazed at the amount of emails we get asking the most basic of questions, such as “how do I get an application form” or “how do i apply” which are both clearly detailed within these pages and demonstrates that visitors have not read the content of the pages we provide. In fact, the amount of emails we recieved resulted in us closing our contacts page permanently.

Once you have read the pages and have decided its the career you wish to pursue, you will need to find out if, and when your local fire and rescue service are recruiting for firefighters. There are various methods of obtaining this information through the site. If you are applying to join the retained service then a trip to your local fire station should be your first port of call.

Once you have your application form, you need to follow the information you have gained by reading the recruitment section of the site. This follows the same for each stage of the recruitment process.

To be successful in the process, you need to be one step ahead of the next candidate, and be better prepared than they are. The fire and rescue service only take on the best, so those who have put the work in, will be more likely to be rewarded by the offer of places on recruitment courses. It’s also worth noting that recruitment into some fire and rescue services only happens every couple of years, so this may be your only attempt for a while.

By reading the content of this site you have already put yourself ahead of those who have not. We also have a number of products and services that will continue to help you achieve your goal. Although some of the products need to be purchased, however its a very small price to pay considering it could help you get the job of your dreams. The majority of those applying want to do nothing more than join the fire and rescue service as firefighters, so it’s money well spent, and probably equates to no more than your first days pay as a firefighter.

Additional Help

  • This Recruitment Section will provide you with all the answers to the questions you need to know
  • Our Development Section will assist you with advice on formulating the PQA’s required to pass
  • Our Fitness Section will help you, either get fit or stay fit enough to be able to pass the entry tests
  • Our Recruitment Books section will help you in the subjects that you may no longer be familiar with, such as maths etc
  • Our Recruitment DVDs are the most popular product and will provide you with that additional information along with hidden secrets on being successful
  • Our Discussion Forums has 100s of members, experts and advisors are waiting to help and advise you in all areas of the recruitment process.

Please Note: The use of the Development Sections of the site will assist with all aspects of the recruitment process from application through to interview.

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